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What's the bottom line?

We have all been there before. You get excited about a purchase and the associated cost, because it fits into your budget. As you sprint to the register to add that new widget to your collection you can feel yourself overcome with joy. As you throw your money and the widget on the counter you exclaim "I'll take it!" The person at the register grabs your widget and rings it up as you wait in anticipation f bringing the widget home. The person conveys the price to you, but it is not the same. There were added taxes and other fees the store adds on to cover their expenses. You are crushed, because this new price pushes the item out of your price range.

This scenario still plays out in business too, but it can be far more sneaky that the days of running to the register. Most businesses operate in markets that have costs that they have to pass on to the customer. While this is a normal practice, we are seeing more companies hide these fees from the customers. Much like the scenario above you are promised a price that matches your budget. Upon completion of the project you received an invoice with several line items that were not part of the original quote. These fees could be taxes, fuel surcharges, recycling fees, etc. Make sure you ask for all associated costs and get it in writing. While you may not be as disappointed as you were at the counter with your widget, you may find yourself over shooting your budget.

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